What We Do

Good as Gold has curated a collection of the best coffee available in the UK and mainland Europe. From the Espresso & Filter options we will hand-pick coffee tailored to your taste and how you would usually brew your coffee.
We use a regularly rotating stock from different Specialty roasters, selecting their best beans after extensive tasting, also making sure they are ethically sourced from sustainable farms — ensuring the best coffee for you and the best deal for local farmers.

A great way to discover new and exciting roasteries, exploring the various growing regions in the world of coffee as well as new processing techniques.

We currently work with these roasters: 

Caravan - London

Strangers Coffee - Norwich

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters - Liverpool

The Missing Bean - Oxford

Chipp Coffee Co. - Leeds

Plot Roasting - London

Friedhats Coffee Roasters - Amsterdam

North Star Coffee Roasters - Leeds

Pharmacie Coffee Roasters - Brighton

Bailies Coffee Roasters - Belfast

Obadiah Coffee Roasters - Edinburgh

Nomad- Barcelona

Casa - Bradford